Argomento mucosa linguale

Articolo 10

Anterior urethral reconstruction with lateral lingual mucosa harvesting technique. UROLOGY 2016; 90: 208-212. OBJECTIVE: To describe a new technique for harvesting the long lingual mucosal graft (LMG) to repair the long-segment urethral strictures. METHODS: We performed a retrospective observational study of patients from whom LMGs were harvested from the lateral lining of the tongue for […]


Articolo 5

The Use of Lingual Mucosal Graft in Adult Anterior Urethroplasty: Surgical Steps and Short-Term Outcome Eur Urol 2008; 54: 671-676.   Objective: Investigate the tolerability, safety, and efficacy of using the lingual mucosal graft (LMG) for anterior urethroplasty. Methods: Ten patients (average age, 41 yr) underwent substitution urethroplasty LMG. Harvesting the graft from the tongue […]


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Lingual mucosal grafts for anterior urethroplasty: a review BJU International 2009; 104: 1052-1056.   We critically reviewed recent reports of lingual mucosal grafts (LMGs) for substitution urethroplasty, to determine the efficacy and complications of this approach. Only a few centres have published the short or interim outcome of LMG urethroplasty. These studies dealt mainly with […]