Lingual mucosal grafts for anterior urethroplasty: a review

BJU International 2009; 104: 1052-1056.

We critically reviewed recent reports of lingual mucosal grafts (LMGs) for substitution urethroplasty, to determine the efficacy and complications of this approach. Only a few centres have published the short or interim outcome of LMG urethroplasty. These studies dealt mainly with surgical techniques and harvesting LMGs, emphasizing the comparison of different intra-oral donor sites. The preliminary results seem to be encouraging for the safety and efficacy of LMG urethroplasty. When compared with other substitute materials, LMG give equally good results with much easier harvesting and minimal donor site morbidity. Thus, lingual mucosa is most likely to become an alternative to oral mucosa for substitution urethroplasty and longer term results of its use are awaited with interest.