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Anterior urethroplasty using a new tissue engineered oral mucosa graft: surgical techniques and outcomes J Urol 2018; 200: 448-456. PURPOSE: We investigated whether tissue engineered material may be adopted using standard techniques for anterior urethroplasty. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We performed a retrospective multicenter study in patients with recurrent strictures, excluding those with failed hypospadias, lichen […]


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Three-Dimensional computerized model based on the sonourethrogram: A novel technique to evaluate anterior urethral stricture J Urol 2018; 199: 568-575. PURPOSE: The sonourethrogram is a useful alternative to the traditional retrograde urethrogram to evaluate anterior urethral strictures. With the development of 3-dimensional reconstructive techniques 3-dimensional urethral imaging can provide more accurate and useful information to […]