Long-Term Followup of Bulbar End-to-End Anastomosis: A Retrospective Analysis of 153 Patients in a Single Center Experience

J Urol 2007; 178: 2470-2473.

Purpose: We performed a retrospective evaluation and statistical analysis of outcome in patients who underwent bulbar end-to-end anastomosis.

Materials and Methods: We reviewed 153 patients with an average age of 39 years who underwent bulbar end-to-end anastomosis between 1988 and 2006. Mean followup was 68 months. Stricture etiology was unknown (62.7%), catheter (14.4%), blunt perineal trauma (11.7%), instrumentation (9.8%), radiotherapy (0.7%) and infection (0.7%). Stricture length was 1 to 2 cm (in 59.5%), 2 to 3 cm (37.9%), 3 to 4 cm (1.9%) or 4 to 5 cm (0.7%). A total of 90 patients (59%) underwent dilation, internal urethrotomy, urethroplasty or multiple procedures before being referred to our center. Clinical outcome was considered a treatment failure when any postoperative instrumentation was needed. The prevalence of postoperative sexual dysfunction was investigated using a nonvalidated questionnaire.

Results: Of 153 cases 139 (90.8%) were successful and 14 (9.2%) were treatment failures. Treatment failure was managed with urethrotomy in 9 cases, end-to-end anastomosis in 2, buccal mucosal graft urethroplasty in 1 and 2-stage repair in 2. Of 14 cases of failure 12 had a satisfactory final outcome, 1 is still waiting for the second stage of urethroplasty and 1 underwent definitive perineostomy. There were 14 patients (23.3%) who experienced ejaculatory dysfunction, 1 (1.6%) a cold glans during erection, 7 (11.6%) a glans that was neither full nor swollen during erection and 11 (18.3%) had decreased glans sensitivity. No patients complained of penile chordee or impotence.

Conclusions: Bulbar end-to-end anastomosis has a success rate of 90.8%. Most patients were satisfied with the surgical outcome despite postoperative complications such as ejaculatory dysfunction, a glans that was neither full nor swollen during erection, or decreased penile sensitivity.