A new one-stage free skin patch graft urethroplasty for anterior urethral strictures

African Journal of Urology 1996; 2: 103-108.
We herein propose a new urethroplasty for penile and bulbous stricture repair using a free skin preputial graft which is applied on the dorsal surface of the urethral instead of the ventral one. The skin graft receives its vascular supply from the underlying corpora cavernosa and from the overlying corpus spongiosum. Thirty-five male patients underwent a new urethroplasty for penile (15 cases) and bulbous (20 cases) urethral strictures. The techniques of dorsal free patch graft urethroplasty are easier to perform than the pedicled pacth graft currently in use and, when compared with ventral patch grafts, they avoid the formation of pseudodivericulum or urethrocele due to progressive graft weakening.