Perineal urethrostomy in complex anterior urethral stricture

Urologe 2010; 49: 731-733.

Staged urethroplasty is a well-known procedure for urethral reconstruction that had already been described by Russell in 1914 and was later popularized by Johanson, Turner-Warwick, Blandy, and Schreiter. It lends itself to the treatment of complex anterior urethral stricture in combination with lichen sclerosus, failed correction of hypospadias, fistula, via falsa, abscess, carcinoma, or previously unsuccessful urethroplasty. Perineal urethrostomy can be performed as a temporary or definitive measure. Some patients even decline further urethral reconstruction because they perceive subjective satisfaction after perineal urethrostomy that was originally intended to be temporary.