Cirugìa reconstructiva de la estenosis de uretra bulbar: conceptos y preocupaciones

REV UROL 2001; 2: 43-48.

Bulbar urethral stricture poses a difficult problem for urologists. A wide array of techniques are used in reconstructive surgery for bulbar urethral stricture disease, including end to end urethroplasty, and the use of flaps or grafts used in a variety of ways. In 1995-96 we described a new dorsal onlay graft urethroplasty that places the graft dorsally, in close contact with the corpora cavernosa, instead of ventrally. This principle of dorsal placement of the graft can also be used for flaps in the reconstruction of the bulbar urethral strictures. This article describes the techniques and its variants, and the encouraging results published to date with this new approach for bulbar urethral stenosis reconstructions.