Posterior urethroplasty in children

Eur Urol 1987; 13: 110-115.

A series of 33 posterior urethral strictures in children is presented. The etiology was traumatic in 31 cases and iatrogenic in 2. Complex strictures were treated by a transpubic approach (20 cases) or by a posterior scroto-urethral inlay (1 case). Simple strictures were directly treated via the perineum: by a push-in technique (6 cases); by end-to-end anastomosis (3 cases); by a skin pedicled tube urethroplasty (1 case); by free skin graft (1 case), and by endoscopic urethrotomy (1 case). The use of omentum, employed in 19 cases, is considered a necessary step in transpubic urethroplasty. Favorable results were observed in 18 out of 20 transpubic procedures, in 8 out of 9 perineal urethroplasties and in 3 out of 4 other techniques, with an overall success rate of 87.8%.