Sanjay Balwant Kulkarni – Curriculum Vitae

MS, FRCS, Dip. Urology (London)
Center for Reconstructive Urethral Surgery
3 Rajpath Society, Paud Road,
Pune, India 411 038.
Tel:91-020-25380555 and 25382554
Sanjay Kulkarni is well known as a Reconstructive Urologist practicing in Pune, India over last 25 years.
He was trained in England by Richard Turner Warwick, father of urethroplasty. Sanjay started Center for Reconstructive Urethral Surgery in Pune and it is the tertiary referral center for India and surrounding countries.
Sanjay is proficient in performing anastomotic urethroplasty for posterior urethral trauma since 1987. He gets patient referrals with multiple failed and complex urethroplasties.
He introduced Barbagli’s dorsal onlay buccal mucosa graft urethroplasty to India in 1997.Since then Sanjay has popularized urethroplasty as the treatment of choice for the treatment of urethral strictures in India by conducting live surgery workshops.
Urology Society of India has awarded “Urology Gold Medal” to Sanjay for outstanding contribution to urology in India.
He is the Founder Director of Indian School of Urethral Surgery, where 8-10 live urethral reconstructive surgeries are observed by urologists in the OR on a weekend.
Sanjay Kulkarni in collaboration with Dr Guido Barbagli has introduced a new technique of one sided urethroplasty for dorsal onlay BM urethroplasty.