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Dorsal onlay graft urethroplasty. Current technique step-by-step Contemporary Urology 2002; 14: 18-32.   The ideal surgical procedure for long bulbourethral strictures would be simple, reliable, effective over the long term, and reproducible in the hands of any surgeon. The Barbagli procedure – based on sound atomic, historic, and surgical principles – fulfils these criteria.


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New 2-stage buccal mucosal graft urethroplasty J Urol 2002; 167: 130-132.   Purpose: Previously buccal mucosal grafts used for repairing adult bulbourethral stricture with the 1-stage dorsal technique has provided a satisfactory outcome in our experience. We present the wider use of buccal mucosal grafts for 2-stage urethroplasty. Materials and Methods: A total of 24 […]


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Dorsal onlay techniques for urethroplasty Urol Clin North Am 2002; 29: 389-395.   Dorsal onlay graft urethroplasty is a versatile procedure which may be combined with various substitute materials such as preputial skin, buccal mucosa grafts or pedicled flaps. Others substitute materials such as human urethral mucosa from corpses or collagen matrix will be possible […]