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Cirug├Ča reconstructiva de la estenosis de uretra bulbar: conceptos y preocupaciones REV UROL 2001; 2: 43-48.   Bulbar urethral stricture poses a difficult problem for urologists. A wide array of techniques are used in reconstructive surgery for bulbar urethral stricture disease, including end to end urethroplasty, and the use of flaps or grafts used in […]


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Lichen Sclerosus of the male genitalia Contemporary Urology 2001; 13: 47-58.   The urinary and sexual sequelae of this chronic inflammatory skin condition are often devastating. Early recognition and treatment improve chances for a satisfactory outcome.


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Long-term outcome of urethroplasty after failed urethrotomy versus primary repair J Urol 2001; 165: 1918-1919.   Purpose: A urethral stricture recurring after repeat urethrotomy challenges even a skilled urologist. To address the question of whether to repeat urethrotomy or perform open reconstructive surgery, we retrospectively review a series of 93 patients comparing those who underwent […]