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Posterior urethroplasty in children Eur Urol 1987; 13: 110-115.   A series of 33 posterior urethral strictures in children is presented. The etiology was traumatic in 31 cases and iatrogenic in 2. Complex strictures were treated by a transpubic approach (20 cases) or by a posterior scroto-urethral inlay (1 case). Simple strictures were directly treated […]


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Urethral trauma: radiological aspects and treatment options J Trauma 1987; 27: 256-261.   Experience with treatment of 38 patients in an early phase with urethral trauma is presented. The site of injury was the penile urethra in three cases, the bulbous urethra in seven, and the prostato-membranous urethra in 28. Different surgical procedures were used, […]