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Surgical treatment of male urinary incontinence J Urol 1983; 130: 463-466.   Between January 1975 and December 1981 we treated 34 men with urinary incontinence with surgical intercavernous embedding of the bulbo-perineal urethra along its entire length. The etiology of incontinence was sphincteric damage following either prostatectomy (30 cases) or pelvic trauma (4 cases). All […]


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Bladder herniation after transpubic urethroplasty J Urol 1983; 130: 778-780.   We report 2 cases of bladder hernia following repair of complex posterior urethral strictures by transpubic bulbo-prostatic anastomosis and omentoplasty. One patient was treated successfully by repair of the defect with a synthetic mesh. The presence of concomitant pubic diastasis is thought to be […]