Duplications of the bulbous urethra: clinicoradiologic findings and therapeutic options

Eur Urol 1996; 29: 67-71.

Objectives: We evaluated the clinical and radiological aspects of isolated duplications of the bulbous urethra and assessed the results of surgical treatment.

Methods: The experience with 11 male patients presenting with duplications of the bulbous urethra is reported. The duplications were incomplete in 7 cases and complete in 4, the accessory channel was ventral in 8 patients and dorsal in 3. The presenting symptoms were seldom indicative of the condition. Surgical treatment was performed in 10 cases and consisted in transurethral resection of the septum between the two channels in 2 patients, one-stage urethroplasty in 6 and two-stage urethroplasty in 2.

Results: With a follow-up ranging between 1 and 4 years the results were considered satisfactory in 4 cases and excellent in 6.

Conclusions: Duplications of the bulbous urethra deserve careful evaluation of the cost-benefit ratio when surgical treatment is considered. The goal of reconstructive surgery, which can be open or transurethral, should be a functional urethral channel.