Penile urethroplasty using Orandi’s dorsal skin flap: a new technique

BJU Int 2019; 124: 892-896.

PURPOSE: To describe, step by step, a new one-stage dorsal skin flap urethroplasty for penile stricture repair.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: The surgery was accomplished through a midline incision on the ventral penile surface, the urethra was fully dissected from the corpora cavernosa and longitudinally opened along its dorsal surface. A penile skin island, based on the dartos fascia flap, was dissected and moved over the corpora cavernosa, and the urethra was moved and sutured over the penile skin flap.
RESULTS: Out of the 12 cases, 10 were classified successful and there were two failures. The operating time was 60 min. There was no postoperative fistula or urethral diverticulum.
CONCLUSIONS: Our modified Orandi’s technique was easy and feasible, and avoided fistula and diverticulum formation after repair.