(Italiano) Argomento multivariable analysis

Article 4

Risk calculator for prediction of treatment-related urethroplasty failure in patients with penile urethral strictures. Int Urol Nephrol 2020; 52: 1079-1085 PURPOSE: To design a dedicated risk calculator for patients with penile urethra stricture who are scheduled to urethroplasty that might be used to counsel patients according to their pre-operative risk of failure. METHODS: Patients treated […]


Article 2

Focus on internal urethrotomy as primary treatment for untreated bulbar urethral strictures: results from a multivariable analysis. Eur Urol Focus 2020; 6: 164-169. BACKGROUND: The use of internal urethrotomy for treatment of urethral stricture remains a controversial topic in urology. OBJECTIVE: To investigate outcomes and predictors of failure for internal urethrotomy as primary treatment for […]