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Lichen sclerosus cause destructive scarring that can lead to urinary and sexual problems and a decrease of quality of life. Symptoms are pruritus and soreness, difficulty in retracting the foreskin and a poor urinary stream. Examination shows typical flat, atrophic, ivory to white colored papules that coalesce in plaques of varying sizes, commonly with a non-retractile prepuce and meatal stenosis.

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1. Question:Is the surgical procedure fully covered by the National Health Care System?
Answer: Yes.

2. Question: What kind of anesthesia is used for this surgery?
Answer: General anesthesia without oro-tracheal intubationt.

3. Question: How many hours does the surgery take?
Answer: About 1/2 hour.

4. Question: Are there any risks concerning erection after the surgery?
Answer: No, there aren’t.

5. Question: How many days of hospital recovery are expected following the surgery?
Answer: In general, from 2 to 3 days.

6. Question: How long will I have to use a catheter after the surgery? Is it painful to use the catheter?
Answer: The catheter must stay in place for 24 hours after the surgery. The catheter is well tolerated because of its small diameter.

7. Question: Are there any particular recommendations during convalescence?
Answer: During convalescence, the use of oral antibiotics is suggested for 5 days. Avoiding sexual activity is also suggested.

8. Question: When will I be able to resume working, sexual activity and sports?
Answer: Work and sports can be resumed immediately. Sexual activity can be resumed 15 days after surgery.

9. Question: Can I ride a bike or a motorcycle immediately after the surgery?
Answer: Yes.

10. Question: What kinds of foods and drinks should be avoided after the surgery?
Answer: None.