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Posterior Urethra

Introduction Lectures Articles F.A.Q. Results The male urethra is divided into the anterior and posterior urethra. The posterior urethra consists of the segment that extends from the bladder neck to the distal external urethral sphincter and can be divided into the prostatic urethra and the membranous urethra. The anterior urethra extends from the distal external […]


Bulbar Urethra

INTRODUCTION The bulbar urethra, located inside the perineum and scrotum, extends from the external distal urinary sphincter to the peno-scrotal junction, and is surrounded by the corpus spongiosum. It contains the opening of the ducts of the Cowper glands, and differs in length from person to person. SURGERY


Penile Urethra

INTRODUCTION The penile urethra extends from the peno-scrotal junction to the base of the glans. It is surrounded by the corpus spongiosum, is mobile and is stretched during penile erection The length of the penile urethra varies according to penile length. SURGERY