Категория 2019

Article 3

Repair of sphincter urethral strictures preserving urinary continence: surgical technique and outcomes. World J Urol, 2019; 37:2473-2479 INTRODUCTION: Repair of post-TURP sphincter urethral strictures represents challenging problem, due to the risk of urinary incontinence after the repair. We described a surgical technique we use to repair these strictures preserving urinary continence in patients with incompetent […]


Article 2

Penile urethroplasty using Orandi’s dorsal skin flap: a new technique BJU Int 2019; 124: 892-896. PURPOSE: To describe, step by step, a new one-stage dorsal skin flap urethroplasty for penile stricture repair. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The surgery was accomplished through a midline incision on the ventral penile surface, the urethra was fully dissected from the […]


Article 1

Treatment of 1242 bulbar urethral strictures: multivariable statistical analysis World J Urol 2019; 37: 1165-1171. PURPOSE: We investigated the success rate of different surgical techniques for bulbar stricture repair. METHODS: Retrospective study of patients with bulbar urethral strictures treated using different techniques. The primary outcome of the study was to evaluate the overall results of […]