Reoperative surgery for recurrent strictures of the penile and bulbous urethra

J Urol 1996; 156: 76-77.

Purpose: We evaluated the outcome of reoperation for anterior urethral strictures.

Materials and Methods: Strictures that recurred after urethroplasty were repaired by various procedures in 20 patients (penile urethra in 8 and bulbous urethra in 12, mean followup 57 months).

Results: Of the recurrent penile urethral strictures 3 showed excellent and 5 satisfactory results, compared to 9 and 3, respectively, for bulbous urethral strictures. Overall 60% of the cases had an excellent outcome and no failures were documented.

Conclusions: Any type of urethroplasty may fail even after a considerable period but reoperation with proper indications can offer a lasting solution.